Antiaging Nutrition

Balanced nutrition is essential for healthy living. To live well you need to provide your body with the vital raw materials it needs to function optimally. Food affects every aspect of your health from the appearance of hair, skin, and nails, to the amount of energy one needs to perform even the most basic of functions. Eating the right kind of food will immediately affect how you feel, look, and how well the body adapts as we age.

When we find ourselves riddled with a host of problems and symptoms, an opportunity for personal transformation actually unveils itself. Eating healthy by replacing toxic old habits with life-giving, energy renewing foods can be a richly, fulfilling experience. It creates the foundational incentive to transform other areas of life that have suffered as a result of waning energy, brain fog, and fatigue. Other positive, healthy habits usually follow as a person’s energy level and motivation returns. One begins exercising and develops a fuller capacity to experience life.

Gone is the monochromatic dinners of white bread, potatoes, and sweets that drain a person's vitality. We teach how to replace toxic foods by an array of dazzlingly colored whole organic foods. We teach patients how to modify meals full of empty calories laden with food additives by replacing them with fresh whole foods, gourmet cheeses, organic nut oils, Greek olives. When we invest in making healthy meals for ourselves, we restore the natural, sacred connection to food that has been lost. With this connection restored, comes a healthy relationship with food and gone are the compulsions of overeating and food addictions that lie at the root of our ailments. We teach patients which macro and micro nutrients have the best anti-aging, cell renewal properties such as which proteins are the highest quality and which to avoid. We emphasize the importance of healthy fats for their energy giving, cell renewal properties.

Tapping into nature's cornucopia of nutrient rich foods is an art and science. We customize a nutrition protocol based on the patient's lifestyle. We also optimize nutrition programs for highly active patients who are involved in weight training by teaching about the nutrient timing system. This approach applies knowledge of hormones, especially insulin and cortisol, as related to their function in exercise. Depending on timing, you can actually "prime" the release of certain hormones during and after your workout, resulting in enhanced physical performance.


Hippocrates, Father of Medicine

The body is composed of some 70 trillion cells. Each cell requires certain nutrients to perform its myriad daily functions. The amount of vitality, radiance, and energy experienced as a whole is a measure of the individual state of each cell.

Today's over processed, over refined diet does not provide the vital minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and trace elements the body needs to thrive. Poor health and declines in general functioning is a result of malnutrition at the cellular level. Nutraceutical and antioxidants are powerful agents of total body transformation. We provide expert nutritional counseling to help you achieve the vigor and radiance nature intended for you to have

We provide comprehensive nutritional counseling which includes information about:

1. Glycemic Index

2. ORAC value of foods

3. The truth about fat

4. Phytonutrients

5. Antioxidants

6. Practical tips to help you enjoy the best anti aging, healthy nutrition as part of your normal routine.

Provide your cells with what they need to thrive, and your body will take care of the rest for you!

The dynamic application of the Antiaging therapies such as Bioidentical Hormones, Neurotransmitters, Intravenous Vitamins, Minerals, Micronutrients, Amino-acid, Antioxidant rich IV Drips, Zerona Lipo laser for fat reduction, life style modification education, and Physician monitored medical weight loss programs utilizing the Kisspeptin Diet program is the hallmark of a complete Amaya Natural Anti-aging program.

AMAYA offers antiaging care, brain health, neurotransmitter balance, Intravenous IV Drip of Vitamins, Antioxidants, Minerals, Amino acids, Micronutrient, Natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for menopause,andopause, adrenopause, low thyroid function, low testosterone etc. We also focus on personalized & supervised medical weight loss programs, low calorie diet, stress reduction methods, nutritional evaluation and consult, skin care, yoga, personalised exercise plans and wellness medicine for men and women dealing with hormone imbalance.
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